Why Choose US?

Why Choose US Patriot Services?

Veterans that meet various service requirements are eligible for certain burial and memorial benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, caskets are not specifically included under these benefits. As a result, Veterans and their surviving relatives generally are required to contract with a third party to obtain a casket. Traditionally, third parties have bundled casket sales with other services already provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This means some veterans were and are forced to pay for services they do not need.

As a cost-effective alternative, U.S. Patriot Services, which is Veteran owned and operated, provides caskets, arranges for their storage, and transports them to any desired location upon the customers’ request. U.S. Patriot Services does this without including other unneeded funeral services. By using U.S. Patriot Services in conjunction with other Veterans Affairs benefits, burial and memorial costs can be covered at a very low price.

U.S. Patriot Services is dedicated to dealing with potential customers honestly and fairly. Throughout the sales process, U.S. Patriot Services is careful to disclose that no other funeral services are provided under its contracts.

U.S. Patriot Services appreciates the opportunity to proudly serve our Nation’s veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect us and U.S. Patriot Services looks forward to providing retail casket sales for years to come.